Horse health – the basics

The horse is a majestic animal and part of being a responsible owner is to provide them with quality care and attention. While it can seem time-consuming, spending time with your horse and keeping an eye on their general health will not only make their life a long and happy one, it will also reduce […]

Plants Toxic to Horses

If you have horses and a garden, you’ll have to be careful that you do not have certain plants on your property. These common weeds, trees, plants, and shrubs, shown below, are toxic to horses and ponies. Learn to identify these plants in your pastures and yards and be sure to remove them as soon […]

Five Common Horse Health Concerns

Word of an equine disease outbreak can spread faster than the contagion itself, causing chaos and worry. And rightfully so, when an outbreak can affect our horses—animals that not only play a critical role in many people’s livelihoods and businesses, but that are also partners and confidants. But while it’s easy to get wrapped up […]