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If you have horses and a garden, you’ll have to be careful that you do not have certain plants on your property. These common weeds, trees, plants, and shrubs, shown below, are toxic to horses and ponies. Learn to identify these plants in your pastures and yards and be sure to remove them as soon as possible to keep your horses safe.

Deadly nightshade can thrive even in dry conditions. It yields a bell-shaped purple flower and the small, round fruit looks like a large black currant, of a deep, shiny black/purple color. All parts of this plant are toxic to humans and pets. The fruit is somewhat sweet, therefore adding to its danger.

The leaves are dark green and smooth-textured, somewhat similar to that of a tomato plant. It belongs to the same family as the tomato, potato, and pepper plants.

Typically horses accidentally may ingest a toxic plant because it has been baled into the hay. Signs of nightshade poisoning may include:

  • colic-like symptoms
  • loss of muscle control, unable to rise
  • disorientation, stumbling or other neurological signs
    dilated pupils
  • death (if consumed in large enough amounts)


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