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I’m a born and raised ‘Cuse girl. After high school I was a professional vagabond living in more places than I can even remember. (Maine, Oregon, Florida, Vermont, Virginia, and California, to name a few! ) I would find a job bartending, or waitressing and made some wonderful, life-long friends. When I was 37, I moved back to Syracuse and went to Law School. Got my law degree at age 40. Was a prosecutor, and then the attorney for the City of Syracuse.

In my early 50s I took up trail riding. Was terrified the first 50 rides, but I loved everything about it!!! (if that makes sense…haha!)

Eventually I bought some amazing mules, built a barn, and then bought some horses! Personally, I’ve always preferred holistic health over traditional. For myself, as well as my animals. There is certainly room for both, of course. I decided to move on from practicing law to enrolling in 480 hours of holistic health courses. Super interesting!!! And lots of new, exciting knowledge. And now it’s on to Organic, Holistic Herbs and Herb Combinations for Healthy Equines. And don’t forget the organic seeds for that immune support and healthy coats. And the fabulous digestive blends and probiotics. And did I say “calmer?!?“ All great stuff!

I have formulated these herbal blends after a lot of research and have tried many of the on my own 3 geldings. Obviously not the Peaceful Mare, haha, but most of my other formulas!

Any time you want to stop by and take a look at my 23 year old Beau, 21 year old Valentine and 12 year old Finnegan, you are welcome!!!! You can see for yourself how great my boys look. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Please note that I source only organic herbs, berries, barks, etc…and I strive to make my products affordable for everyone. The reality is that organic costs more than non-organic, but I don’t want my boys ingesting pesticides and weed killers, so 100% ORGANIC it is!!!!

Please always feel free to contact me with any and all questions.


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