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Cushing’s Support

INGREDIENTS – 100% ORGANIC | 2 Tbsp Daily | 30 Day Supply

Need a cardiovascular tonic for your Cushing’s horse? CUSHING’S SUPPORT helps achieve normal hormone levels and strengthens pituitary and hypothalamus function.

  • HAWTHORN: Superior antioxidant properties. Cardio and vascular tonic. Dilates blood vessels, which increases blood flow.
  • ROSEHIPS: Excellent (one of the best!) sources of biotin, iron, vitamin C and copper. Supports liver, kidneys, adrenals, immune system. A true superstar!!
  • CHASTE BERRY POWDER: Supports normal hormonal levels and promotes balance in the reproductive system. Supports pituitary and hypothalamus function which benefits the adrenals and the thyroid.
  • DANDELION: Alterative, Hepatic, carminative, digestive and diuetic. High in A,B,C and D vitamins. Contains manganese, calcium salts, potassium, choline, sodium and sulfur.