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Liver Detox and Support

INGREDIENTS – 100% ORGANIC | 2 Tbsp Daily | 30 Day Supply

  • At least once a year it is very beneficial to detox your horse’s primary filtering organs: LIVERS and KIDNEYS. (not a bad idea to detox our organs either 😊)
  • Most grains, feeds, hay, wormers and even horse cookies are treated with unwanted chemicals or pesticides.
  • Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals also clog up their livers and kidneys, so they are unable to perform their job of filtering toxins out of the body. Their digestive system is very compromised because antibiotics destroy the good bacteria in their bellies.
  • Spending 2 – 3 weeks detoxing each organ in the early Spring will be a great way to jump start your horse’s health for the whole year!.
  • If your horse has never detoxed either organ, then we recommend 30 days for each organ, then the following year you can shorten the time period.
  • If you are using pharmaceuticals on a regular basis, you should detox your horse twice a year.
** Note that different botanicals are effective for each organ, but not the SAME botanicals. For example, dandelion roots are great for the liver and dandelion leaves are great for the kidneys. That is why you must assist each organ separately. Same goes for us people too!!