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Nourish Your Horse - The Holistic Way
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Nourish Your Horse - The Holistic Way
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Nourish Your Horse - The Holistic Way
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Nature supplies powerful and effective solutions for healing and optimal health. People and animals have historically sought and found what their bodies need from the gifts of nature. 


Horse’s bodies, just like ours, can heal themselves. The most important thing we can do for our horses today is supplement their diets with pesticide-free botanicals that help them heal themselves.


We take pride in using botanicals (every part of a plant: roots, leaves, bark, flowers) that are 100 % organic. Mixing 4 – 6 botanicals in each formulation creates the necessary synergy for optimum absorption and efficiency.

Organic, Holistic Herbs & Botanical Combination for Healthy Equines.

For horses experiencing…

Anxiety | Fear |

Pro Tip: Giving 2 tablespoons daily of Nice Calm Horse No. 1 or Nice Calm Horse No. 2 will greatly increase the ability to focus and reduce spooky, nervous behavior.

Girthy horse | Suspected ulcers |
Sour, irritated stomach

Pro Tip: Our Stomach Soother - just 2 tablespoons daily will progressively heal the lining of your horse's stomach (and ulcers) and will improve digestion through the use of healing herbs and broad-spectrum probiotics.

Detox Tip from the Founder

Each Spring, we spend 3 weeks detoxing our horses' kidneys and then 3 weeks detoxing their livers. This removes toxins, molds, and chemicals that build up in our horses' organs, clogging these vital bodily filters. For high-performance horses, you may want to detox twice annually. They can always benefit. There is no downside. After a Kidney and Liver Detox, your equine will achieve proper nutrient absorption, increased energy, lack of fatigue, increased circulation, and increased immune response. YES, detoxification does all of the above and more!!

Ps. For older horses that have never been detoxed, we recommend 4 - 5 weeks initially.

PLEASE NOTE that botanicals (every part of a plant: roots, leaves, flowers and bark) operate best synergistically. They need other botanicals to get fired-up and perform their magic. And, unlike pharmaceuticals, your body needs time to adapt and appreciate nature’s medicine. We ask that you give it 2 weeks before seeing results. We promise, this is NOT a sales pitch, because once you see results, you will be back for more.


Calm Horse No.1 really took the edge off my mare and she was less food aggressive with the other horses. Great product!

Always very satisfied with the products and the service. It's nice to speak to someone who knows and love horses. The quality has been exceptional. Love the Joint, Muscle and Skeletal Support. So does my horses.

The horses at my barn look and act many years younger thanks to Horse Health Food. We can highly recommend the Improved Immune System and the No. 2 Calmer.

About Us

Terri is a Certified Natural Health Professional and has always prioritized holistic health care options over more traditional approaches.   

She was born and raised in snowy Syracuse, NY.  After high school she traveled all over the US taking courses at 5 different colleges and supporting herself by waitressing and tending bar.   She was a very happy professional vagabond and was fortunate to make wonderful life-long friends in many different states. 

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