The horse is a majestic animal and part of being a responsible owner is to provide them with quality care and attention. While it can seem time-consuming, spending time with your horse and keeping an eye on their general health will not only make their life a long and happy one, it will also reduce veterinary bills.

According to Agriculture Victoria, the basic requirements for caring for horses are as follows:

Horses must have access to an adequate amount of good quality feed in the form of roughage (pasture, hay or chaff) to keep them in good body condition. A guide to the amounts to feed is 1-2 kg per 100kg of body weight. You may need to supplementary feed a horse that is being worked regularly or if there is not enough pasture and the horse is losing body condition. Provide a salt lick or mineral block in paddock. Check with your veterinarian for suitable supplementary feeds – grass clippings and many food scraps are not suitable feed as they can cause a horse to become ill.

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